Basement remodel lighting

Hi all. I’ve recently had my basement finished and they installed dimmable LEDs which I am not happy with. I want to replace them with color changing connected bulbs but I have one small problem 4 of the lights are under the feed and return lines for my forced air. To put lights under there, they installed these Led bulbs

Are there any color changing connected bulbs designed for applications like mine?

Osram makes A retrofit smart can light that might work. You’ll need to check the specs. But you would need to install a drop-down can, and if you don’t like the looks of that, you would need to lower the ceiling In that area to conceal the cans.

I am not sure those will work because the ones I posted are actually mounted over an box like this.

Hi @Keo,

Depending upon the bulb type you want, try these:

You probably know this, but none of what has been posted will work since your LED disc lights mount flush to a normal 4" junction box. I haven’t seen an RGBW smart version of the disc lights. All of them are retrofits for normal can lights. You would have to get a new light fixture that mounts on the surface of the ceiling and uses normal A19 light bulbs.


Ah, good catch on that.

@Keo, unless you have enough room between the box (or even removing it) and ceiling to retrofit what @JDRoberts mentioned, you may not have a lot of options.

You might want to talk to the electrician to see if they can do this for you since the specs for that kit say it’s only 3.35in high:


I was thinking about using light strips inside something that looks like the disk light housing to achieve what I am looking for. Do you think that would look odd?

I think it would overheat.

Really? Why is that?

Here is a pic of my basement ceiling. The lights along the back are surface mounted but the others are canisters. If you wanted to have dimmable LED lights how would you go about it? The ones I currently have flicker at times or will turn off then brighten to max before going to the dim level.

Also, if you’d like to have colored lighting knowing this limitation, how would you go about doing it? I am just looking for creative suggestions that don’t require me making my own color led lights. :slight_smile: