barrierOperatorV1 Class and Codes

Does anyone know where I can get the documentation for barrierOperatorV1 and related door control classes/operations, the ST website for the Z-Wave classes here don’t have any info on this. Mystery.

@duncan, @Jim, @urman - do you have any insight into where this doc exists?


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That doc was auto-generated from the code, but you’re right that it needs to be refreshed to show the command classes that have been added since. We’ll look into it.


looping in @Jim

Jim do you think it possible to update the reference with the barrier class info?

Hey @RBoy, we do have something in our backlog to get this updated/added. We’ve got some other things going on currently that probably will mean we won’t get to it for at least a couple weeks… but it’s on our radar.

Thanks for looping me in.

Hi @Jim - any updates on the Barrier Operator z-wave docs?

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@Jim any luck refreshing the documentation?

@Jim @duncan checking on this.

More importantly can the docs be updated to the reflect the latest Z-Wave specs, for e.g. some devices are now reporting NOTIFICATION CLASS V4 but the docs/specs only show V2. Similarly the ZWAVE_PLUS_INFO class is missing.