API documentation updates

@Jim, nice updates on the docs today. Some feedback:

Please clarify that “unschedule()” cancels runIn() and runOnce() as well as functions with “schedule” in their name. (It might not be clear to some.)

Should the copyrights be updated to 2015? (They are showing 2014 at the moment.)

It’d be really nice if a direct link to the z-wave command class reference was added to the “reference material” links on the left side. Currently, the one way I’ve found to access it is to open the “device type developer’s guide”, followed by “building z-wave device types.” Then on the shown document, click on “command classes”, and from THAT document, click the link for “z-wave command reference” (The fact that I’m able to find it without a direct shortcut is only a testament to how often I’ve referenced it.)



Thanks @garyd9, good feedback.

Expect an update to the unschedule docs and copyright soon, though I will be out of pocket for the rest of this week starting tomorrow.

Regarding the z-wave command class references… I need to take a look at that whole side of our documentation in more detail. I know it’s very important to our device-type authors, and not easy to find (an understatement, as you know).