Backup Settings & Devices

Idea - create a way to backup all settings and devices. (if i have missed an existing function i am gonna feel silly)

Most of us have dozens, if not hundreds, of hours invested in setting up our devices and configuring ST. I would like to see the ability to export a configuration so that if a disaster occurs restoring would be easier…


Good luck with that. They still don’t have the migration tool (v1 hub to v2 hub) promised last year.


As ST performance settles down, ST need to make this number one priority for the following reason:

Any time you contact support the suggestion is always “Remove the device and readd it” or “Do a factory reset on the device” or “Remove the smartapp”. This works, sometimes.

As this is the default solution to most problems, it should be made easy to undo the damage caused by following the advice from support