Babies awake project

My baby girls room is upstairs and the house I’d very well insulated. Yes, we use a baby monitor, but I have an idea for a project.

I want to put a ST multisense on the bottom of her crib. When she wakes up I want ST to detect get movement and send a voice alert over the speakers downstairs.

Sounds simple, yeah right!

The voice alerts is easy, I’ve got that part covered.
The motion part is easy too.

Here’s the hard part…

I only want the alerts sent to the downstairs speakers when we are actually downstairs.

I would like a very localized presence sensor, something with maybe a 25 foot range. I’m thinking of a proximity sensor that would sense either our phones or something when we walk into the bedroom (her castle is in an alcove of if the master bedroom). If we are in the bedroom it would not send a voice alert to the speakers. But if we are not in the bedroom it would send them.

The proximity sensor does not need to be directly compatible with ST. I can modify any of the electronics to work in tandem with an ST compatible contact switch.

The logic and the software can all be handled by existing apps already in use.

Does anyone know of a set up like this, a proximity device, or something along those lines?

I was thinking of using a motion sensor, but my cats are complete a**holes! She only weighs 11 pounds and the cats are larger than her, so I can’t use motion reliably.

Thank you in advance!

Have you looked into that Beacons thread? You can probably do something like create a new mode called “downstairs by the beacon” (or some other imaginative name like that) which would be triggered only when you were within range. You can then trigger the alert only when you’re in that mode.

Or you could go the other way around and have a beacon in the baby room, or maybe a pet-friendly motion sensor that wouldn’t be triggered by the baby moving (or the cats), and initiate the voice alert only when there’s nobody in that room.

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Used to have a ‘quiet time’ mode that was triggered by a sesnor In either of my boys’ rooms and a motion sensor downstairs that would be activated only if a human would walk by (but not the cat), which would flip a virtual switch to allow custom messages to be played via Sonos, only during the ‘quiet time’ and when one of the boys moved in their rooms.

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This is not even close to what you’re trying to do but why not use a light state or a virtual switch. I always prefer simple and controllable. From what you said it sounds like you want to use an acceleration sensor, not a motion sensor, I would think that you will get false positives when the baby moves while sleeping. The SmartThings acceleration sensor is pretty sensitive from my experience.

I was thinking this too, but I’m pretty sure an ago can be modified or rule machine logic can be configured to only alert after motion has been detected for a minimum amount of time.

I may just end up putting in a motion detector with a very limited field of vision with the same logic.

At some point you can graduate to a pressure mat and an open / close sensor, strategically placed under the mattress so that you’re alerted in some way when the baby stands up.

Or even take a picture and send it to your phone.

Keep in mind that there have been several threads about baby monitors, and the #1 issue has always been latency. Chances are that you will be well aware of the baby’s state before ST gets around to letting you know, but it’s a cool project nonetheless. :slight_smile:

I think there are some washer/dryer apps that have some logic similar to what you would want to do.

I have read a ton of the baby monitor threads… I ended up buying an old school one lol!

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That is exactly what I was thinking. The app can tell me when the dryer stops, so it can tell me when movement starts.

I just need a proximity sensor.

I want the proximity sensor so that the system knows where I am in the house.

If I’m in bed asleep, or in the bathroom, I don’t need the house telling me Moira is awake.

If I’m in the garage, the house needs to tell me!

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Link it to the light in the garage being on :wink:

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