Idea Wishlist

I’ve just got my hub, a motion detector, and a dimmer to do 3 things for the kids’ room:

  1. Motion detected based lights on/off.
  2. 30 minute slow ramp up of bright lights at wake-up time.
  3. 30 minute slow ramp down at bedtime (really helps with “I’m afraid of the dark” problems).

But I have a much bigger wishlist:

  1. Dawn/dusk based on/off cycle for front porch lights for security reasons.
  2. Motion based front porch lights for convenience.
  3. Moisture sensor for auto-spraying of tropical plants.
  4. Shoes on shoe rack detection/alarm for training kids to put shoes away when arriving home. Will use rfid tags inserted into shoe soles.
  5. Dry cat water dish alerts.
  6. Humidity control system for reptile/terrarium setup.
  7. Forgot-to-flush alarm for kids. I already built this using arduino, a float switch, and a pressure sensor, but want to integrate into ST system.
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We have the opposite requirement in California: forgot to not flush alert! Just need to add a camera to confirm it’s “mellow yellow” :sun_with_face:

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Heh. I’m actually in California, too. I’ll take the hit on the pee flush if they would not forget the rest of the time. :confused:


Gentle wakeup for both :)[quote=“anderson110, post:1, topic:16950”]
Motion detected based lights on/off.

Set this up within the lights section on the dashboard

Gentle Wakeup was perfect for the “on” scenario, since I want it to be scheduled.

For the “gentle lights out” scenario, I want it to be button activated from my phone. Can Gentle wakeup accomodate that?

I think it can be started by pressing on the “app icon”

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