App to turn Lights On/Off automatically while away (Simulate Presence)


Looking for an app to turn lights On/Off while all are away from home to simulate presence. Just in case Mr./Mrs. Burglar want to drop by. Is there one out or can someone help with the code?


Tim @tslagle13 wrote a great little SmartApp for this! Thanks again Tim!


Thanks @tslagle13. It is installed and is running now.

(Eric Vanderslice) #4

Hey, installed and running now. But it seems to be missing things. I am a newbie for sure and just starting to dig through the code. But I am not seeing the settings page? Specifically it would be great to start at say Dusk and run for X hours and/or Dawn -1 hour.

I do see some settings code with start time, day of the week, and duration, but can’ seem to find where to set them in the app or web IDE?

Thanks for any help!