Away home automation request

The wemo app used to have a built in automation to cycle the lights when in an away state to give the expectation that someone was home and hopefully make robbers think twices. Is there any automation scene to do this is samsung smart things app?

Thanks for the help :+1:t2:

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Well, there’s about as many ways to do it as there are people on this forum. That said - nothing builtin by SmartThings themselves.

One is:

You could also just create a series of other automations of various types. If you search on vacation automation I’m sure you will find MANY takes on this subject.

Is this already prebuilt on the smartthings app to be added to my automations like amazon home has all its built in apps. I was hoping that maybe they changed the name to something wierd and I couldn’t find it on a prebuilt list.

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