Average Temperature Sensor?

I know this question has been asked alot in the past but alot has changed and is changing in the very near future and i’m hoping I wont have to wait till Edge Drivers and Ending of Groovy is completely released to get an answer.

But My question is how can I find the average of several temperature sensors and use that to run different automations?

I am afraid it’s not possible within the current architecture.

there are separated two entities: local device drivers and cloud apps.

as far as I know, device drivers can’t aggregate devices (because of security concerns). And apps can not create devices.

so best you can do is create an app that will aggregate and publish the value to some external device, and then pick up the value from the custom driver.
All these hops render ST not useful, and you better invest your time and energy into other options

Maybe you can do it with SharpTools

Yes, I believe it could be accomplished with the Expression feature that’s available in beta with SharpTools.

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It depends on what skills and resources you bring to the table. If you want a ready made tool then there isn’t any suitable native offering yet, but the third party SharpTools may fit the bill. If you have some programming ability and something to host it, then I’d just use a WebHook SmartApp, though a simple API client may be more than adequate if you don’t particularly need to subscribe to events.

You can create a virtual device for the average temperature and set it from the app, or there is the option of having the app being a cloud device integration in itself, though I haven’t done one of those yet so I don’t know if there are any pitfalls to that.

hi, I’m new to sharptools how do I get to the Expression section Id like to try and give that a try.

Expressions are currently in beta, so you would need to join the beta program. :slight_smile:

Send a PM to support on the SharpTools community to get added to the beta.