Average temperature from various sensors?

Anyone with a smartapp that can display a average temperature based on multiple temperature sensors?
Found a few apps that needs a thermostat which I dont have.


It’s a parent/child SmartApp that updates a virtual device handler:

Device Handler:


ST App Views:


Thank you, appreciate it, I let you know how it goes :grinning:


Anything I can do to refresh / force update the virtual tile? Or how long does it normally take before displaying temperature?

As soon as any device you have in the list has a temperature change, the SmartApp will catch it and update the virtual device. Depending on the devices you selected, there may be a refresh tile you can tap on. I know the Iris device like the motion sensor and door/window sensor will update once you tap on refresh. If there’s a temperature change you’ll see changes.

I have a simple CoRE solution for this if interested.

Case Study - Average Temperature

I realise this is an old topic but i was trying to do this today, google pointed me here, and i was having an issue with @johnconstantelo s solution… The reason being his device handler is specifically for Farenheit, whereas i was using Celsius. To make it work in C, find this line in the device handler:

attributeState(“temperature”, icon:“st.tesla.tesla-hvac”, label:’${currentValue}°’, unit:“F”,

and change it to

attributeState(“temperature”, icon:“st.tesla.tesla-hvac”, label:’${currentValue}°’, unit:“C”,

Before changing this, the tile wouldn’t update.

Is there a way to have it display a temperature logo on the new smartthings app with the temp showing on the front screen?

Tagging @johnconstantelo are you still using this or doing something else to average temp/humidity?

Hi @mvevitsis , I’m not using this anymore. I’ve not had a need to average data anymore either, so I’ve just stopped using this.