Automation Scene Conflict

I’ve recently made the migration to the new app and trying to recreate my routines with automations and scenes. I’ve run into an issue with my automations that isn’t making sense to me. I create an automation to run each morning and that triggers fine. The issue I have is when trying to add a scene called “good morning” that changes the location mode and sets a couple switches. This worked initially but stopped after a couple days. Now I see that it removed the scene from my automation and when I try to add it the scene is shown as Not Available. Message at the bottom says “You can’t select scenes that conflict with scenes you’ve already selected”. This makes no sense to me as I’ve selected no other scenes. What is up with this?

Looks like we’re both trying to do the same thing! Automations triggering mode switch only in certain modes doesn't work in new ST app

Try what @Automated_House suggests in that thread–remove the location mode change from your scene, create the automation, then add the mode change back in. That’s not how I fixed my issue, but based on how I understood the help I got it should fix yours.

Thanks. That did the trick. I’ve also switched to Virtual Switches to accomplish the same task. I hope that works more smoothly.

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