Smartthings New App Design Can’t Run Scenes in a Custom Automation

Just like the title says when you have a run scene command added to a custom automation it will throw up dialog box with the title NETWORK ERROR and message Couldn’t add automation. If you remove the run scene action it will save fine. It is frustrating because I need a scene for my automation design because I use the location mode to control whether an automation will run and you can only change the mode through a scene. There isn’t a command to do that within the custom automation tool like there is for controlling devices etc.

iOS or Android? iOS let’s me have a scene as an action.

You can also change mode as an action.

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Your devices might have just disconnected or your hub is down. Automations support scene and mode changes. If you are getting a network error it’s not seeing your devices to trigger set automation

I think I know the problem. The way the triggers work isn’t how I imagined it would. I was hoping for a logic like:

If the location mode is currently home and my presence sensor leaves then trigger scene which does a bunch of light turn offs and changes location’s mode to away.

But it seems as though it works instead like:

When the location mode changes to home and/or the presence sensor leaves then trigger my scene

I know now the reason it throws this error is because it is conflicting to have a trigger based on the location mode changing and having the scene with a command to change the location’s mode in it. I discovered this because when I removed the trigger on mode I noticed I could add a change location mode command directly to the automation.

It would be nicer if the automation tool were a little more robust and allowed you to set the triggers with modifiers attached to them so you could have the one trigger for presence sensor state change but add modifiers so that the trigger only occurs if mode is X or time is within x period for example.