Automations created in iOS not showing up in My Smartthings web portal

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

Routines created in the app do not appear in


Thanks @jkp!

I wonder how one would create an automation not using the app? It doesn’t appear that we can create an automation directly in the web portal.

you can use CLI to create Rules but those do not appear in either the ST app or

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You can also access and manage the Rules API via the community developed API Browser+ web interface.

In addition, Routines created in the ST app are visible in the API Browser+.

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at the risk of sounding ignorant… what is CLI?

The ST CLI is a command line interface for Linux/Mac/Windows computers that allows you to interact with the ST API without having to use a tool like Postman.

bep@debian10:~$ st devices 72 
Main Info
 Label              Matter Device                        
 Name               light-level                          
 Id                 f92bbec0-2b31-435f-b85b-3b63e7330acf 
 Type               MATTER                               
 Manufacturer Code  TEST_VENDOR                          
 Location Id        b355f7f5-7de9-4294-883d-d31b6c96b166 
 Room Id            703abd6f-07d1-43af-b33a-404efb358ba7 
 Profile Id         c3562538-49fa-3ee3-976b-65ee4e667f65 
 Capabilities       switch                               
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oh, got it. very much beyond my capabilities!! Thanks!