Android and IOS - Automations unsynced


I am writing to report an odd situation I have come across. I have two phones, one is a Samsung Galaxy S8 and the other an Iphone SE. Recently, I was working on getting an automation to work that resets my mode to night between certain times if all users are present. I don’t use native presence sensing of the ST app using phones as I have found it to be rather unreliable. Instead, I have found greater reliability using the presence sensing capabilities of the Life360 App and plugging that status in as a seperate “Presence Sensor” device. I use this in all my location based automations. They all work fine.

However, I was recently trying to troubleshoot my “night mode reset” automation and on both platforms, the triggers, which include a time range and the location status of home are consistent. However, on my iphone, it is showing the 3rd trigger as Member location. That is to say, it is trying to use the traditional sensing method. The where and when is set, but the who is not. Again, I don’t use this method. On my android phone, it correctly shows the two separate presence sensing devices with correct status as triggers. When I try to update the IOs app use the right triggers, I hit done as if it went through and when I go back and look at the automation, it still shows the traditional sensing as if I didn’t make any changes.

I have been having some on and off issues updating automations on the IOS app where I get “network error” even though I’m connected to either cellular or wifi. Everything works fine in the Android App. I have tried logging all the way out and signing back in on both apps. That helped my “network error” on the IOs but still doesnt seem to be syncing the automation correctly. Has anyone else seen any issues like these?

So ill start with sounds like a bug in the iOS app. And im not suprised. No not a comment about thier skills. Just theres a TON of changes going in that exact space right now.

The last app update (bothios/Android) was to allow yhe automation creator to start using the rules API to be the underlying engine for your automations. This leads the way to local processing. You very much want them to do this.

Unsurprisingly, guess where most of thd issues in thd last two weeks have been?

Scene and automations as the app updates and your stuff is updated under the covers a lot pf people have reported ‘missing’ scenes and general weirdness in both.

Even fewer of us bounce back and forth between Android and iOS. So I expect youve run i to a spot where theres syill a difference between how the two apps do things (manipulation of presence would be different between Android and iOS) and I i doubt theyve tested your scenario much if at all.

Id open a ticket but i wouldnt expect that one to be fixed quickly.

Your other option might be to tear down the entire automation and rebuild it.

Thanks for the information, I will probably sooner delete the automation and try to builder it back using the android app. If it still gives me issues, I may then submit a ticket. That leaves me with a question. Obviously these automations don’t run locally from the phones but are working from the hub itself, or perhaps the cloud. Either way, they are centralized. So in a situation where the automations don’t match, do we know which app it will use? My hunch says it will update the automation and run it based on the most recent changes from either platform, meaning as long as I don’t mess with it in IOS, it should still run based on the android input. I guess I’ll find out.

They run based on what’s stored in the rules API in the Cloud. Execution location is based on what is being automated and after oyu get teh .35.x firmware it will run local if possible.

I’d bet your iOS version is just struggling to display what it sees and part of why it’s having trouble with the save.

I’ve noticed it is ALL of my automations that are forcing the use of the native presence sensing. This is why if apps aren’t broken I usually don’t update them because chances are something will be broken. I submitted a ticket to support as this has effectively broken my automations. We’ll see what they say.

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