Automation to alert my phone loudly?

I would like to set up an automation that if something happens it loudly alerts my phone (not just a notification)
For example play an alarm, ring my phone. I use android
Any recommendations how to?

I assume by “something happens” you mean any ST activity. Which ver of android are you using? If you are on Android 13 on a Samsung phone, you can use ‘Modes and Routines’
You can set a routine like:
IF notification (from ST)
THEN play alarm etc

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Yes, Trigger: ST event Action: Android based Alarm
I have a Google pixel with android 13 and a Samsung Tablet with android 12. So dpnt have “modes and routines”

Any other options?

I have a Pixel 6. I use Macrodroid to automate my phone. With it, when a notification or SMS is received from Smartthings, I can have it crank up the volume, play an MP3, and then read the notification aloud. I use it to tell me when my coffee is done brewing. The Smartthings automation is:

The Macrodroid Automation is:

You could add volume controls, play sounds, repeat the text, or whatever floats your boat. You can also limit it to a particular text in the notification so it only plays it there are trigger words in the notification.

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Thanks, this is exactly how. I have tasker on my phone (truth be told havent used it to much). I can have tasker listen to the notifications and play a loud song