Automation: Smartthings sensors + TP-Link devices + sunset/sunrise

Does any know if there’s a way to setup smartthings automation with tp-link devices & sunset/sunrise time? I would like my tp-link switches/plugs to turn on when smartthings sensors dection motion or door opens and only during the evening (after sunset and before sunrise). Is this possible?

If your TP link devices are connected to SmartThings sure!

  1. If you’re using the Classic app you can create a “Routine” under automations, set the actions and under when it runs, select the option for Sunrise/Sunset.
  2. You can also use another SmartApp called Smart Lighting from the Marketplace which allows to create custom scenarios’ for your lights/switches using various events including Sunrise/Sunset.

Thanks for the help RBoy. However, SmartThings does not have an option for me to connect TP-Link devices. Is there a way to link the 2 together?

Do you have the exact model of your devices?

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@Philippe_Portes, yes. Models are TP-Link HS200, HS210, HS220 (light switches) and HS110 (plug)

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Seems there are some existing porting in the community: [HOW TO] Add your TP-Link HS-100 Wifi outlets to SmartThings

Have a check

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Thanks @Philippe_Portes. Those steps look more difficult than I was hoping for. Not sure if SmartThings plans to add TP-Link to the list of devices sometime soon.

This is very often a one time effort and one of the strengths of ST classic environment: what ST doesn’t want to invest time on can be covered by the community.

Generally the poster provides step by step instructions but if you don’t have programming background it can appear overwhelming. Try to have a friend more handy there to help you.

This is very often the same story: setup the github repository information in the smartthings IDE (requires to login with your ST credentials), add the device handler and create the device with your physical device information (either in an automated way or by giving some IP address/way to identify your device)

Good luck