Automation Routine Door Unlock?


me again sorry :slight_smile:

I have a routine set on my hub to unlock the back door - Yale connexis l1 if the wife comes home

i’ve set the routine settings :-1:

change the mode to - home
Unlock these doors - door selected
automatically perform - set to run when someone arrives - wife’s phone is chosen and mid week dates set
I also have dont automatically do this - home status set

but when she arrives the door doesn’t do anything

am I missing a trick?


the 1st thing I would do is confirm that Smartthings knows your wife is home…
sounds silly but presence sensing is notoriously unreliable

Also, do you have a routine that changes the hub to away mode when your wife leaves?

If the hub is already in home mode, this routine won’t run based on the restriction you set.

nope missed the hub to away setting - so have set a routine to automatically set the hub to away after 3 mins if she leaves the house and makes sure tv is off and lights on system are off

ill report back on findings

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You could always try this… :slight_smile:

still not really working the way i want it to - think it has only unlocked once since i had it setup
now i have another complication, I have added an echo to the system to do voice commands
all the commands and setups work fine except for the door
it says in Alexa app - smartthings routine - disabled because it contains devices unsupported by Alexa
I guess i cant have the routine to open door on arrival - which doesn’t really work, and have the Alexa open the door from voice

any thoughts?

The Alexa part is easy to fix
Create a virtual switch to control the routine and get alexa to control that

think im a bit lost here
set up a virtual switch as per the FAQ - just not sure how to use it in this instance

Once you have setup your routine you can configure it to activate automatically “when something turns on or off”
Configure the routine to run when your virtual switch turns on

Then, just tell Alexa to turn on that switch - that way “she” doesn’t know what devices she is controlling - she just thinks it’s a switch

for a presence sensor you can tie smart things hub to Life360 and I have mine when any of the cell phones on that arrive it unlocks my front door

an idea - i saw this before looks good - but is it not the same as find my iphone on IOS?

I guess find my iphone on IOS is not integrated with ST

thanks for the suggestion

still not working though the presence setting