Automation of Windfree Air conditioner with Samsung wifi-kit for DVM-S System

Is there any way to automate individual room air conditioners with the Samsung wifi-kit MIM-H03UN that was designed for ST? With the Wifi-Kit, ST can turn on/off all rooms as a group, but offers no automation control of heat, cool, fan, temperature etc of the group and no automation control at all of the individual rooms other than an on/off scheduling app separate from the existing ST automation.

If there is no automation for individual rooms via Samsung hardware/software, Will the remote work to program Harmony or Bond? Is there any way for Alexa to control this device, I have been unable to get here to add it.

I have the same problem.

In the end I used a ir repeater to connect the devices to Alexa witch controls an ever growing part of out home. Control is limited compared to Samsung WiFi witch is ok, or Samsung remote which Is best, but we’re just looking to turn it on with the same mode at the same temp, so limited device control wasn’t an issue.

For the record, very disappointing for Samsung to charge so much for a WiFi air conditioning connection that is so terrible. Anyone else out there looking for this solution, I recommend to just buy the ir repeater and skip the WiFi.

I used this ir repeater , but looks like someone shut them down.

Thank you very much for your advice. I am very disappointed with Samsung/Smarthings policy.
The system has the potential to do everything you need without an IR controller for each indoor unit. :frowning: