Best Ir remote for Ac integration with smartthings for 2020

Hey guys, I want to integrate my Ac unit to my smartthings hub and be able to control it via Alexa. What will I need to buy if I want my Ac to turn on and off with Alexa,set specific temperatures with alexa and also taking it up a notch.If I want to integrate a thermostat to turn on my Ac when a room is above a certain temperature and turn off if it below a certain temperature level can this be achieved.Or and it is a older unit not the smart kind.

With anything IR, you will never get true on off consistency between what the button shows in ST and what is actually happening at the unit because IR does not repeat back its current state, that needs to be understood no matter what IR blaster is used

If that is acceptable, what level of setup complexity is acceptable to you because there are many methods of controlling IR from ST, some with integration that breaks from time to time and some methods via Alexa but with clunky ST integration

Broadlink make many different types of IR blaster, they do not directly integrate with ST but once a remote is set up with Broadlink, direct Alexa control is possible, if you create a scene within the broadlink app, Alexa will see that, you can then create an ST virtual Alexa switch in an Alexa routine for rudimentary control

Like I said, depends on how much effort you want to put in


I don’t have one, but Switchbot has an integration with SmartThings. There are some notes in the forum about Switchbot. It might be worth checking/ searching out.


Sorry, I just want to be sure: does your air conditioner currently have and IR remote? If so, what’s the brand and model of the air conditioner? And what country are you in?

Hey Robert,

I live in Trinidad and the Air condition unit I have is a brand called jack frost it is a split unit.i am not sure of the model. I would want to believe it uses an ir remote to control the Air condition. How can I confirm that?.

Ok thanks I will check it out

Do you have a remote for it now? If so, does the remote have to be pointed directly at the air conditioner to work or could you be in another room and use it from there?

Ok cool…The main feature I would like is to control the Air condition via Alexa.But if I want to integrate with a thermostat and set commands as mentioned before ,if the room temperature is below a specific temperature turn off . How this can be achieved?

It has to be pointed directly at the air condition to work.

OK, then it’s probably an IR remote.

In that case, you should be able to use an “ IR Blaster” device in the same way that you use the current remote.

The one that integrates most easily to smartthings is the Switchbot mini hub. It’s available in a number of countries, I don’t know where you would source yours from. Here’s the US Amazon listing

And here’s the manufacturer site:

I’m not sure exactly which features are available through the official integration for an air conditioner, but you can create scenes in the Switchbot app and then activate those through smartthings. :sunglasses:

It is a cloud to cloud integration, though, so you do have to have an Internet connection to make the integration work.

Also, it can work directly with Alexa even without having the smartthings integration set up.

Thanks man really appreciate it …or and season greetings to you and your family :sunglasses::pray:t6:

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BTW, Switchbot also sells their own temperature sensor ($19 US) which you can definitely use to trigger rules, so that might be useful as well. :sunglasses:

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