Automation Condition for Custom Capability Says "Unknown Condition"

If this is the wrong section please advise. I couldn’t find a custom capability section.

Below is my capability presentation. Everything works for the capability except that I can not use the “If” portion of the automations because after choosing the condition it says “Unknown Condition”. I exported the “activityLightingMode” capability and modeled my capability from it. I also made a “pumpMode” for a wave controller that is similar and faces the same symptoms. Any advice would be helpful.

{ "dashboard": { "states": [ { "label": "{{lightingMode.value}}", "alternatives": [ { "key": "On", "value": "On", "type": "active" }, { "key": "Off", "value": "Off", "type": "inactive" }, { "key": "Auto", "value": "Auto mode", "type": "active" }, { "key": "SunSync", "value": "SunSync mode", "type": "active" } ] } ], "actions": [ ], "basicPlus": [ ] }, "detailView": [ { "label": "Light Mode", "displayType": "list", "list": { "command": { "name": "setLightingMode", "alternatives": [ { "key": "On", "value": "On" }, { "key": "Off", "value": "Off" }, { "key": "Auto", "value": "Auto mode" }, { "key": "SunSync", "value": "SunSync mode" } ], "supportedValues": "supportedLightingModes.value" }, "state": { "value": "lightingMode.value", "alternatives": [ { "key": "On", "value": "On", "type": "active" }, { "key": "Off", "value": "Off", "type": "inactive" }, { "key": "Auto", "value": "Auto mode", "type": "active" }, { "key": "SunSync", "value": "SunSync mode", "type": "active" } ] } } }, ], "automation": { "conditions": [ { "label": "Light Mode", "displayType": "list", "list": { "alternatives": [ { "key": "On", "value": "On", "type": "active", "description": "Lights On Static" }, { "key": "Off", "value": "Off", "type": "inactive", "description": "Lights Off" }, { "key": "Auto", "value": "Auto mode", "type": "active", "description": "Lights Run On Schedule" }, { "key": "SunSync", "value": "SunSync mode", "type": "active", "description": "Lights Run On Schedule Synced With Sun" } ], "value": "lightingMode.value" } } ], "actions": [ { "label": "Light Mode", "displayType": "list", "list": { "command": "setLightingMode", "alternatives": [ { "key": "On", "value": "On", "type": "active" }, { "key": "Off", "value": "Off", "type": "inactive" }, { "key": "Auto", "value": "Auto mode", "type": "active" }, { "key": "SunSync", "value": "SunSync mode", "type": "active" } ] } } ] }, "id": "carbonscale41874.lightingMode", "version": 1 }

I tried to format the code better to no avail. If I get this up in GitHub then I’ll attach that but I’m calling it a night.

Whatever changes I made earlier finally took effect and it works now. Oddly enough, the action part fixed immediately and the condition party took some time. Not sure how the process for updating capability presentations taking effect works.

The code above is functional

Glad to hear that, thanks for letting us know. Please, remember to select a solution (it can be your last post).
About the capability presentation update, there are some points to consider:

  1. There’s an automatic refresh twice a day.
  2. When you make changes to your capability presentation, I suggest you re-create the device config, the VID won’t change but when you query it, you should see the update
smartthings presentation VID -j
  1. You need to verify that your device is using this last version by querying the device presentation, for example:

If not, you need to create a new device or a new DTH because the configuration could have been cached. (Something our engineering team is working on)