Automating music on a Galaxy Phone with an ST Trigger? ... sigh (2023)

really? man… as if this wasnt already convoluted… confusing… lacking instruction… hahahaha. thanks bud, ill take a look again at that.

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can i suggest ICP and some Hokus Pokus :clown_face:

hmmm seems to not be working for me… i do see one of my playlists, Chill Vibe, but… when i do what you suggested, just click on a playlist, it actually just plays that random playlist…

I see below screen shot, i select one of these which takes me to all my Spotify playlists

when i run the automation the playlist plays fine BUT i did have to reboot the phone, it did seem to fail at first attempt

hmm, im seeing that you may have a different list of “App Actions”
this is what i have:

dont use open an app or do an action

instead use
Spotify playlists
tap any of the stupid suggestions
your playlists should appear

Occasionaly i get a spinning wheel so i back out and try again, it does work but can be finicky

oooh ok, still shows Recommended… when i click one the stupid playlists, nothing happens… just allows me to tap Done and then Save the Routine.

im running Spotify app version
Modes and Routines version

rebooted, still not getting my playlists… here also

You are now using what works for me
Spotify playlists
then i see

i then tap ( sleeping ) example, could be any of the options for me
which opens another window with my spotify playlists

If it dont work, then there must be a Bug somewhere and we are back to FM radio, cheap and configurable

Looking in Spotify settings… incase it makes a differernce
Wifi streaming - automatic
Navigation and Other apps - Connect to apps - other apps at bottom - Samsung - connected

well damn… as soon as i tap Spotift Playlists, it goes right into the Recommended list… in your case, when you tap Spotify Playlist, you get to choose Recommended… as well as your playlists…

also my Spotify settings are the same as what you suggested…

definitely a bug somewhere…

even if i pick recommended playlist, i still get presented with my own playlists !

So it is buggy and does work for some, we tried

oh, since we live in an age of pay to win, i should ask, are you Premium with Spotify? or not. i am not. maybe thats the ticket.

Premium individual here which is all we need so could be the difference

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Do you use Samsung Music ?
If you do, you can ( Heart ) any songs which are favorites
then in Bixby routines choose
Samsung Music
it should play your ( Liked/Heart ) tracks

i did use SM, so i do have some full albums in there… however i started using Spotify as i was able to f8nd most of my music and create playlists…

just noticed this… when i tap Spotify Playlist from Music… i get a loading icon at the bottom and it goes right into the Spotify Recommended… i think the bug lies within Modes and Routines.

yea probably not a bug then… its a … wait for it… A FEATURE. as long as you live in the designated area, pay your taxes, and dont wear clown make up.

Agreed, i do get the same from time to time, no idea why it happens

I dont have anything in Sm except a sample track so cannot be sure it will do what you want fully, infact SM was not even an option in the MUSIC > List of options to play from, until i went into SM and liked the sample track, by doing so it made SM appear in the Bixby selection list of software to play from

I think eventually you will find a way to get to what you need with Bixby, its a case of trial and error

Clown makeup rocks… i work in a Circus so it kinda goes with the job :upside_down_face: :clown_face:


I must confess clowns and pirates are my two most favorite things in the world. Kings and queens however are not. I will say that I have found a workaround and can play any song on queue. However I feel that if I reveal how I did this a king or queen might patch the method and force me to pay to win. Just wanted to thank you for helping me find a solution to play any specific song on cue via spotify… However using spotify was not my intention. I despise spotify and their business practices. I really wish there were more options available in Modes and Routines for Samsung Music.

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circling back around to this, a nominal orbit has been achieved.

created a virtual switch (Shark Switch) that can be operated by any Device

when the switch is On the following happens:

when the switch is Off:

works quite well, so now im wondering if connecting to one of them newer stereo receivers with built in bluetooth will work as fluidly as connecting to the bluetooth in the conputer. or connecting to a Samsung Soundbar would be as seamless.

also, screenshot of a new clown i met from the new show One Piece. meet Buggy. a pirate clown. oh how the universe likes to play with my emotions… hehehe

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