Bathroom light project: what to do about the extractor fan?

At the moment when I turn my bathroom light on the extractor fan comes on and goes off when you turn the light off.
I want to put some smart bulbs and a sensor in there but I don’t know what to do about the extractor? Can’t take it out as I need it, so what have people come up with?

What kind of sensor were you thinking of using and for what use cases?

And do you still want the extractor fan to come on whenever the lights come on or do you want to be able to control it separately?

I still want extractor to come on when light does, I have a pull cord switch. Was gonna use SmartThings motion detector.

Personally, this is one of those scenarios where I would just go with a conventional PIR sensor in place of the light switch. Not everything should be “smart”. Passive devices are sometimes best for the situation.

That makes sense if the switch is inside the bathroom… My bathroom switches are outside on the wall.

Jay, you have a ton of options, depending on how your bathroom is wired currently and how much rewiring you want to do. Your description is a little confusing though. You mention a pull cord switch, but your light and fan come on together? Are they a combined unit (light bulb inside the fan housing)?

Take a look at this. I’m using it and works good.

It will either manually or automatic start the fan when enough humidity

Fan and light are separate items but are wired together, this is standard in the uk

I have replaced my switch for the bathroom extractor fan with a Fibaro Switch module.
I then installed a Xiaomi Temp/Humidity sensor to turn the fan on when the humidity goes above 80 and when it drops below 80 I wait 10 minutes and then turn it off.
I have a Fibaro dimmer for the lights which turns them on with motion if the lux value is below a certain level.
I have also programmed the lights to stay on if the Fan is on in case motion is not detected while in the shower. Works very well.
Just another option for you.

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