Automatically perform a Routine with Multiple Buttons

I picked up 4 of the Aeotech NanoMate Quad devices. My plan is to give one of the devices to each person in the house so everyone can control common routines from their assigned device. The problem I am having is it looks like you can only have one device set up to “Automatically perform” a routine and for some of the more complicated routines I would like all four people to perform the routine by pressing the button on their device.

Does anyone have any suggestions other than making a copy of each each routine for each person so multiple people can trigger a routine from their button device?


Setup the actions as a scene. Then assign the scene to the button presses either using the device’s page in the new app or Smart Lighting.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I am using the classic app. Unfortunately the Smart Lighting App only allows a scene to be ran with one defined button device. So even though that is better than recreating an entire routine I would still have to install the Smart Lighting App multiple times. Once for each device for each scene. In my case I have four button devices and 5 different routines so that would require 20 installations of the Smart Lighting App.

I think you mean you would have 20 automations in the same instance of the smart lighting app… and yes you can do that, but if you wanted to consolidate that the automations Core/Webcore would be the way to go and you can use webcore pistons to trigger routines until routines go away.

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Thank you for the suggestions.

As and FYI in case it helps anyone else I came across this smartapp that allows you to set buttons to the same routine on different devices and it works well. ABC - Advanced Button Controller - 2019 Edition