Automatic range hood project

I am a newbie for smartthings and integrations. I just thought of something while using smartthings.
We have electrical range and range hood. However my wife doesn’t like to use range hood while cooking. Probably just being lazy or simeple forgetfulness. My thing is maybe i can put current sensor in range line where hood will run while stove is on. When there is presense of current then tells hood to be turned on type stuff.
I am not sure what else would work for this project. I probably need a smart outlet or some sort of inline switch to power on and off of range hood then current presense sensor for electrical range.

Any thoughts? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Aeon makes a power meter clamp that many are using on washers and dryers to notify when it’s done. You could use these on your range power cable:

Another option is they make Zwave pads that sense someone standing that could could put under a comfortable mat in front of the range. This could turn on the hood too.

Then for the hood switch, I wouldn’t recommend messing with the wiring or existing switches too much. You could install a micro switch, super small, to toggle hood:

I’ve been thinking about doing there same using pretty much the same stuff as @ritchierich suggested. My only issue is that my hood has a button you press to turn the fan or light on and each time you press it it cycles through brightness fan speed… Have to think through how this would work.

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Interested in this project as well. I have a hood where there’s a button for each speed.
So for me it goes like this:

Button 1: Lights on
Button 2: Fan lvl 1
Button 3: Fan lvl 2
Button 4: Fan lvl max

Those are all physical buttons

also interested. My hood has Two 3 position switches. One is the light, Left = Bright, Center Off, Right = Low. The other is fan. Left = High, Center = off, Right = low.

My family is good at turning it on, not so good at turning it off.

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