Automatic poll (Schlage FE599NX) after unlocked with code?

Hi everyone, I’m only a week into smartthings so forgive my noobness. I have a Schlage FE599NX Lever Lock that has an autolock function on it. This autolock function can not be disabled from what I’ve found. When the door is unlocked using a code, the lock locks itself and this is where the problem occurs. The smartthings app will not show the “locked” status after the lock autolocks itself. If I refresh the lock (manual poll) the correct status will be shown. Does anyone know how to implement some type of polling with the device handler to poll after X amount of seconds ONLY if the lock is unlocked via 4 digit code? The app shows me when an unlock code has been used so there has to be a way to implement something like this?

Pollster is probably you best bet. What is the delay in updating? Can’t imagine its too long. I have a FE599x I can do some checks with this weekend.

I also need to double check and make sure it’s not a communication issue with the hub. Let me know your findings but you should be seeing the same behavior as well?

Ran a test. Repeated 2 times and received the same results.

  • Unlocked the door from code, showed up within a second or so in the app as unlocked.
  • It locked maybe 10 seconds later on its own.
  • Smartthings took about 30 seconds to reflect the state.

This seems reasonable to me, ST does not want to over poll devices.

I am using “Z-Wave Lock Reporting” from the Lock Code Manager thread.

Ah, yes I switched to this and it does appear to work better. Are you using Lock Code Manager by chance? I’m unable to get lock info or wrongly entered codes for this lock as well. I have the notification turned on for wrongly entered codes and nothing happens. The notification for entry seems to work great though.

I don’t use Lock Info. Tried it awhile back and it did nothing. Did another test today and did not work. I don’t think the Schlages send an invalid key entry message in zWave (or at least the Device Handler doesn’t do anything with it0

Which app are you using? User Lock Manager does a poll 10 seconds after the door is unlocked with a code, so correct status is returned.

That’s an issue with the FE599NX, the lock doesn’t report to ST that is’ relocked after the lock has been unlocked. (it sends the unlock but not the relock signal). As you’ve seen this was fixed in some of the custom DH’s around the forum (the stock DH doens’t compensate for this). As of the wrong code notifications, this is a combination of the device handler, SmartApp and the lock. First the DH must support this feature, then the SmartApp must also use this feature and finally it depends upon the lock implementation, with the BE469 lock, the lock only activates this notification if 4 codes have been entered incorrectly. There is a DH and SmartApp combination that support these invalidCode features: