Automated window blinds

I was told at Lowes this is an updated controller Anybody have this working with smartthing? Thanks for any information you can provide.

The ZRTSI is a Z-Wave to RTS converter made by Somfy to enable their blinds to be controlled via Z-Wave. RTS is the name Somfy calls their controlling technology for their products. They sell for about $350-$400.

So if I have somfy blinds will this controller allow Smartthings to control them? I see it works for iris.

It should, the ZRTSI is z-wave, so it should work with Smarthings. IRIS is a mix of z-wave, zigbee and wifi but the ZRTSI Bridge converts z-wave signals into RTS signals that Somfy uses to control their blinds, if IRIS is selling the ZRTSI it has to work via z-wave so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

If you go to that link I posted and scroll to the bottom and read the comments on how they have it working with iris it seems simple. I’m just wondering if Smartthings will have the correct device type?

Well, I do not know smarthings, I am a z-wave expert so am just assuming that if smarthings is z-wave compatible it will work. This unit is just a bridge, it communicates between your somfy controller and your z-wave controller so it should work if you have all these pieces.

Maybe someone on the forums here can testify whether or not they have used it with a smarthings controller. I know some of my customers have used this bridge on their z-wave controllers including Vera and HomeSeer as well as battery operated z-wave remotes.