Automated Pool Equipment?

Agree. Basic functions via wifi connections for filter pump, spa/pool mode, heater on/off, and lights.

It’s just access to relays to switch over them on and off as the first iterations.
Each relay should be a separate device in ST.

Other stuff can follow later!

Will this also work with the iaqualink iq900?

How it’s going you are cincerly missed here.

I agree with the recent posts simple on/off for each relay is a good v 1.0. I have Wi-Fi available near my main controller and pool equipment. I can also get a network connection if necessary. Fairly tech savvy but not an accomplished programmer but happy to help test and contribute. Thanks for the effort so far.

I’m using three Intermatic CA3750s to control my pool pump, spa heater, and spa pump and jets. The CA3750 can support 220V in 1xDPST mode or two 120V relays in 2xSPST mode. Smartthings recognizes it as a generic Z-Wave switch and doesn’t support 2xSPST mode but I wrote a custom device handler and smart app to add support (see For the pool light I used a 500W Z-Wave dimmer switch in a weather enclosure which is wired to the load side of a 500W GFCI.

Be warned that the range on the CA3750 isn’t great so you’ll need other Z-Wave devices nearby to help relay. GE has a similar device that has an antenna (and likely better range) but I do not believe it supports a 2xSPST mode.

Hope this helps.

it looks like we have a man down again.

I’m still making progress. Sorry @macmus, and others, if you are frustrated by the slow pace. But as I said, it’s not my main gig and am happy to accept help from other software devs. Lots of people have kindly offered to help test and I’ve gotten good guidance from the group but no Devs.

Anyway, Progress! I have completed the coding for the Wifi Setup Android app. I’m pretty happy with it. It’ll connect to the SBC over Bluetooth and list what it sees for Wifi networks. Then the user to selects the network they want to connect to and enter a password. This will be a familiar thing for anyone who’s ever set up a Nest or device like that.

Next is stop is to do the same thing for iOS.

Then it’ll just be a simple setup app for Android and iOS to name the Aux ports that you want to show up on SmartThings.

I’ll just do a quick cleanup of my current UI and remove the non-functional bits (like setting thermostat). Saving the more capable/flexible version for Rev 2.

That’s it for the software.

I’m prototyping on a Raspberry Pi 0W but that’s not a practice board beyond the BETA phase. I found another SBC that has similar capabilities as the pi but can be purchased in bulk. The bad news is that it requires some soldering to set up the power and data connection that the user can attach to the Aqualink. I’m a software guy, not terribly comfortable with a soldering iron. It’s also got a slightly different OS than the Pi so there my be some Integration effort there. But in the end it’ll be a cleaner solution for you guys to install just 4 screw-down wires to attach from a similar terminal on the Aqualink.

Thanks for being patient and letting me geek out on the forum.

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Im eagerly waiting for an iaqualink integration.

Just ran across this thread. You can use the below to gain full HTTP API / MQTT / Websocket access to Jandy/Zodiac AqualinkRS Control panel. (Runs on a raspbery pi, but source has been be compiled for other SBC’s). It got full support for all the standard buttons (ie turning pool equipment on/off), set thermostat setpoints, freeze protect, date time, salt water generator, and posting information about each, etc

It shouldn’t be hard to integrate to SmartThings with the endpoints available, just needs someone to do the SmartThings configuration. Integration to Apple Home Kit, Domoticz & Home Assistant information is already there.

That’s a great find! I wish I were a developer and knew how to make sense of all the code and connections. I’ll just continue waiting on the sidelines until someone can make this digestible for the masses. :frowning:

Let me know if you want another beta tester. Fraid I can’t help with the development, but totally willing to help out in other (sadly less valuable) ways…

There is a new release of the Pentair Screenlogic App which now includes support for managing Intellibrite lights alongside all the other features - pumps, temperatures, Intellichem and Chlorinator status, etc. Code is available here If you have a Pool Controller compatible with nodejs-poolController this may be a good option to look at. It requires some additional hardware (RPi, RS-485-dongle) to get it running but this combination works great for full control of the pool and all relays, lights, etc.!

Hey just checking to see how far along you are with releasing your code.

I am interested in this as well. But I have a few questions. Would this work on the IQpump01? I use the iaqualink app to control the pump speed, on/off, and schedule. Would that work on the smartthings app as well with what you have wrote? I am new to the pool world and this motor and set up came with the house. I appreciate the feedback.

No updates ;-(

Hi there, looking for a wifi option to basically turn on spa and heater while away so that it is hot when I get home. Have Jandy Aqualink RS PDA at home, but not iAqualink. Would be cool to control from google home or Alexa as well.
Just started investigating option for this, but looks like you are quite a bit further along. Happy to do some testing.
I found this link that I thought was interesting. You might want to give it a look.

Also wondering if it might be possible to do a wifi/RF bridge that could replicate the signals sent by the PDA?

I wish I had something more to offer. I want to learn but in this situation, it is probably not the best time to start.

I appreciate everything you are doing and I can’t wait to test it out. And let’s face it, I live in Kansas and can’t even use it right now anyways. LOL

OK, still here. I got busy with some other projects with my day-job. When I returned to this it looks like ST is changing their API so I’m investigating what impact that will have on my Jandy bridge interface. Looks like a partial rewrite of some of it. Doesn’t make much sense to finish what I have if they are going to deprecate that API. The good news is that the new API looks a little more streightforward for this type of thing. I’ll keep you updated.