Automated Pool Equipment?

Has anyone experienced issues getting their iAqualink to stay connected? I am able to connect it to my WiFi network. However, my pool/spa shows as disconnected. I am told by the maker Jandy that the transmitter is challenged to stay connected to 5Ghz networks (which is disappointing given how prevalent those are).

I have an Netgear Orbi. My Jandy connects to it and I have had no issues with connectivity. My pool is currently closed so I can’t tell if it is connected to 2.4 or 5 though.

For some reason, I remember the sales rep telling my pool company it was only compatible with 2.4 though. But I could be getting it confused with my hot tub which is separate. Not sure if any of this helps.

Let me know if you need some help coding?

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I would love to help with this too. Github pretty please?

Yes. @RAH001 I’ve had this problem. Solved it by putting a wifi rang extender in place.

Any update on this?

has anyone succeeded in integrating their Jandy iQPUMP01 interface with SmartThings? it’s a wifi controller for the pump that you wire in instead of the control panel that comes on the pump itself. using your phone, it’s controlled with the iAquaLink app but this device is really basic for on/off/schedule/speed control of a Jandy variable speed pump.

I want the same control. I have the schedule and everything set up for my pump, but would love the chance to have everything integrated into SmartThings.

For all of those still waiting, Zodiac just released an iAquaLink skill for Alexa.

I stumbled on it via the manuals page:

Here are direct links to the PDFs:

Wow great. Thanks for sharing. It installed and worked successfully for me on the first try.

Was this ever uploaded to GitHub? Happy to pay!

Thanks @jross001 I’ve been tracking this thread forever and just saw your post about Alexa skill integration…I hadn’t known, and within 5min I had several routines setup for my spa and pool… Super cool after years of waiting

For those us without Alexa, is there a way to connect an existing iAqualink into Smartthings as another Thing (or two) to control? I already have the pool equipment connected to my Wifi and can control it via the iAqualink app on iOS but just want a way to connect it into ST so I can control via my Google Assistant or generally automate via ST.

My pump is not supported by the Alexa app Jandy released. So I have to continue to use the app. I wish we could figure out how to integrate it into SmartThings. Just so everything is in one app.

I’m also interested in native Smartthing support for iAqualink. The Alexa integration is nice for those of us who have it but sadly you can’t configure Alexa to run routines (automations) based on changes to the pool devices and I want that functionality.
I don’t have much Goovy experience but I have hobbled together a few SmartApps for my own use. I could certainly provide some prosumer debugging help with my iAqualink 2.0.

Any update on the iAqualink interface? Found a really nice interface on the Home Assistant site. Trying to determine if it’s worth switching as I only have Z-Wave devices connected in ST. Of course, there are shortcomings and challenges on the HA side as well.

Hi everyone, I have the pentair so-side remote. The pool system is connected through that remote and the pentagram smart connect app. On the remote, I have one extra button (aux 8) not being used for anything. I would love to be able to use it and have it control a group of smart lights that I have set outside. Is this possible to do?