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Automated Pool Equipment?

Has anyone experienced issues getting their iAqualink to stay connected? I am able to connect it to my WiFi network. However, my pool/spa shows as disconnected. I am told by the maker Jandy that the transmitter is challenged to stay connected to 5Ghz networks (which is disappointing given how prevalent those are).

I have an Netgear Orbi. My Jandy connects to it and I have had no issues with connectivity. My pool is currently closed so I can’t tell if it is connected to 2.4 or 5 though.

For some reason, I remember the sales rep telling my pool company it was only compatible with 2.4 though. But I could be getting it confused with my hot tub which is separate. Not sure if any of this helps.

Let me know if you need some help coding?

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I would love to help with this too. Github pretty please?

Yes. @RAH001 I’ve had this problem. Solved it by putting a wifi rang extender in place.

Any update on this?