Z-wave device stops responding after ST reboot


The situation I have is that Z-wave device (Z-water by Heatit) stops working after ST reboot or ST power failure. (z-wave device power source is different)

I can still see the device showing online and go into settings and even change its temperature sensor thresholds, but cannot control its relays (after pressing nothing happens and automations cannot control either).
On live logging I can see my device and it reports its sensor (though they are not used) values, but does not show any info about the status of any of its relays (total of 10).

I had changed already Z-water device to a new one and it looked to be working fine (for a week) but after ST reboot it went rogue again.

Z-wave network repair does not do anything.

Currently only one known solution is a factory reset a Z-water and pair it to the hub again. (and setting up all the automations :frowning: )

Anyone could advice anything?

What country are you in (Geo matters for available devices, apps, and ZWave frequency is different depending on which locale you’re in)
How far is the device from your ST hub.
Do you have any other ZWave devices in your network.

I am in Lithuania. ST bought on amazon.co.uk. Heatit was bought from local smart home tech company.

Z-water is no more then 4 meters away from ST.

At home there is a total of 7 z-wave devices (4x Heatit Temp2 thermostats, 1x Heatit z-water, 1x neo coolcam door sensor and 1x coolcam roller blinds switch). Z-water is the closest one to hub.

After power brake (last time it was about 5 hours and my UPS was depleted and hub was turned off. After turning everything back online, Heatit Z-water was not responding. The rest of the devices works without any trouble.

I have changed z-water to new one and problem stays. :frowning: