Auto Lock Doors at specific times without using door sensor

Hi, I want to set ST to autolock my yale locks at 10pm. I would like to do this without the use of a contact sensor (cost is not a factor, however I already have a honeywell alarm sensor on the door and dont want to add more sensors to it). I had previously used rboy apps to do this but with the new place I purchased a new hub and signed up for the new account/app that doesnt support rboy (the new app is a better interface for my users). I dont mind if this is done in the cloud. I looked at some cloud options but it appears like they have been deprecated. Any advice from the experts?

Just use an automation in the ST app.
IF (choose time and set to 10pm)
THEN (operate device - Lock - lock)


Thank you. So simple, dont know how I missed that. I appreciate your time to answer.

I guess you better put in a test that the door is actually shut too, at the time.

And if you’re interested, look up AlarmServer, it wil let you bring that Honeywell system (arm, disarm, sensors, etc.) into ST.