August smart Lock app / functionality

Hi there I can successfully pair my August smart Lock pro to mi SmartThings hub. I can also use my SmartThings classic app to lock and unlock and view the status of my lock.

  1. But the August smart Lock app is rendered useless when I’m not at home. Is this normal?
  2. How do I gain full access of the app including notifications of the door being ajar, viewing log of door ooening etc?
  3. If I cannot use the August smart Lock app, can I still add virtual keys four people and they’re still able to use them?

You need the lock to be paired with the August Connect device in order to be able to operate the lock from the August app or get alerts from the August cloud when away.

(without the connect, you can, of course, operate the lock using the ST app when away, since the zwave connection doesn’t use the connect device)

Ok. So unless I use the connect, I cannot add virtual keys remotely? I can only lock, unlock, and view log within ST?

Tony is spot on, but here are my thoughts/answers to your questions.

That is normal if you don’t have the Connect WiFi Bridge.

Without the August bridge, you’ll be able to see info like this via the SmartThings app (Classic), especially if you use @RBoy’s device handler. I’m not sure how the open/close sensor would work because I’m using a separate device on my door.

See the other responses below.

actually i don’t think the August lock (even with keypad) supports the smart Locks or other lock code Smart apps (no support for user codes command class).

However, I believe you can invite people and adjust schedules without the connect, as the cloud communicates with the app to exchange access keys.

These don’t work with the August Pro since it doesn’t have a pin pad on the device itself. it’s a z-wave lock without codes.

I think virtual keys can still be done while away from the lock since it requires the guest to setup an August account and then their phone connects over Bluetooth. Not 100% on that though.

edit: @TonyFleisher beat me to it.


Yup, you guys are right. We don’t use codes since there’s only a couple of us and we use apps instead. Good catch. I edited my reply to reflect that.

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