August Pro no longer responding consistently to SmartThings

I’m still working through the usual boilerplate level 1 questions - have you done all the things you already told me you did, like put in new batteries, etc.

Did you get any kind of issue tracking number once the problem was escalated?

I waited 2.5 hours between using the August app or the ST app to control the lock. I was still able to unlock it on the first attempt via the ST app.

Unfortunately not. I’ll ask explicitly and see if they give it.

Also, did you update your smart lock to the latest firmware we all have, or is yours still on the older version you mentioned above?

I got the same reply just now - it’s been escalated to engineering. We will see how that goes.


Still on the older. I can’t update it remotely but can update and re-test later.


Bingo bango. It worked for all of us perfectly before the latest update as well :slight_smile:

If you do that update on the lock I bet money it craps out like we’re all seeing.

The support rep got back to me. They’re not going to give me their internal bug tracking ID, they only gave me a ticket # for my support call, which isn’t of use to anyone else.

Yeah, same. Hey, maybe we are enough of a hassle it will get fixed quickly.

It might be of use if it means that other customers can give that ticket number to August support and August support can look up the notes on your case.

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I have two cases open. One from August and the other with smartthings. No one has come back to me about the issue. Both said it is with development. I think it is a firmware update with the lock. August provided me with a new lock same issue. It was working perfectly until recently. If just open the August it will work until the application times out then the lock is unresponsive until something wakes it via BT. I have provided logs to both that confirms it.


Just checking in, has anyone else heard anything more or seen any behavioral changes? August hasn’t responded to me in a while, and things seem the same for me.

They responded to me earlier this week when I asked if I could downgrade my firmware. They basically said “they’ll look into it.”

Just adding myself to the thread. Having the same issue. Z Wave works inconsistently. I’ve been using August smart lock pro and ST for a month only. Intended to use Tasker app to lock/unlock the August via SharpTools and ST as Auto unlock is pathetic. Before I came across this thread I set up Monoprice repeater (recommended by @RBoy), that did not help.

It’s possible that this may be related to a firmware update. See this topic and recommend opening a ticket with August so they can also investigate it:

I’ve just opened a ticket with August.

Just to follow up with everyone, I had a ticket with August and walked through all the troubleshooting steps, then sent them a copy of the log. The response was, “We’re passing this on to our developers” and not a peep since.

Same here, a few follow up emails and a request for logs, then silence for weeks.

I’ve got a few updates. First, august said the recent update was only to the bluetooth on the lock and not a full firmware update. This doesn’t make sense to me. But they are refusing to offer a downgrade. I heard back from smartthings dev support who said that the smartthings hub is sending commands correctly. The August lock acknowledges the command but just returns the status that its locked. He then asked if its consistent and I referred him to this thread. Also has anyone noticed reduced battery life? I had to replace the batteries after less than a month. But prior to this problem they would easily last 3.

This all seems consistent with what we are saying/seeing. I could see the same in the live log stream, that the command is sent and then the lock just reports status instead of doing anything.

Haven’t noticed reduced battery life but I replaced the batteries as a troubleshooting step when I first started seeing this issue, so maybe it just hasn’t been long enough to become obvious.