Amazon Echo with Smart Things: controlling locks?

I have two Kwikset Locks that I want to control with my Amazon Echo. Has anyone been able to have the 910, 912 etc… be recognized by the Echo? They are both paired with my Smart Things and controllable through Smart Things but the Echo doesn’t see them as devices.
Thanks in advance for any help.

I just use routines that are tied to virtual switches such as “Alexa, turn on lock the door”. I have 3 Kwiksef 914’s and it works this way,

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Do I need a separate Smart App like “Alexa Helper” or can this be done with only the Smart Things App and the Amazon Echo?

If I do need an additional Smart App for this, how do I find it, install it and integrate it into my Smart Things App?

Thanks again for all the help.

At present, echo only recognizes three device classes: switches, lights, and thermostats. So when you discover devices with echo, locks will not show up.

There are still multiple ways to be able to control locks using echo and smart things. You can use IFTTT, or you can use a virtual switch.

These methods are detailed in step 12 of the echo integration set up FAQ:

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You should be able to do it with if this than that IFTTT integration:

Here’s an example of the rule I create in IFTTT to say commands to Alexa.

I had to remove the IFTTT recipes for my lock as IFTTT unlocked my door randomly. I used them to control the lock through a virtual switch, i.e. if a virtual switch is ON then lock, and if the switch is OFF then unlock. I’m now trying to figure our how to control the lock within SmartThings by a state of a virtual switch, but I cannot find a direct automation. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you.

Use Alexa Helper to do this. I have a VS called “lockdown” tied to Alexa Helper to control my lock. I say turn On/Off lockdown and my door locks/unlocks respectively.

This might help. The basic method is the same as using Alexa to change modes.

What is the use case? Unlock the door by voice? That makes me worried cause in theory someone could yell into the house and the echo may pick it up.

I do have mine tied to lock for routine (goodnight) with a virtual switch from Alexa Helper.

You could create a virtual switch in Alexa helper, and tie that switch to a Rule in Rule Machine to control the lock. It won’t be lock/unlock but on/off.

Thanks, but I do not want to change modes. I looked at using routines, but unfortunately switches are not used as triggers in additional settings (“Automatically perform…”).

The routine itself doesn’t include a way to trigger from a switch. Fortunately, however, it can be done. :sunglasses:

The method detailed in the topic that I linked to will show you how to create a switch and have that then trigger a routine. That’s exactly what the “Alexa helper” smart app was created to do.

So you can’t do it just from the routine. But you can do it by having another smart app subscribe to the switch coming on and then start the routine.

Again details in the thread that I linked to.