Audio Communication (Two-Way without Video) for Emergencies

I have been looking for a two-way walkie-talkie style device that can be turned on with an event.

I have older parents in multiple houses and each has an alert button. If I get an alert I can call them. Problem is that they cannot always get to the phone. I need an audio device that can turn on when the event is triggered so I can talk back and forth. There are cameras that do this, but I don’t want to use a camera and I only want it to turn on when triggered, not be on constantly.

Surely this is not a new idea, baby monitors and video cameras have them included, there must be a non-always-on device that can send and receive audio. Kind of like the doorbells, and baby monitors, and video cameras - except without the video monitoring.

Please let me know if such an item exists.

Thank you.

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Those are good ideas, the panic button isn’t really the problem though, it is the communication part that I can’t seem to figure out. My older family isn’t able to use a smart phone - in fact, the basic cell phone is difficult for them because it is so small. They are still wired to a larger, older home phone. My dad has an alarm system that he can trigger, but it sends the police. I’d rather it just turn on a two-way and I can find out the trouble while I am at work - without police intervention.

I gave one of this phones to my Mom and it may solve what you want to do:

It has a couple of wearable buttons that she can use either as a pendant or strapped to wrist (water proof) when she presses the button the base phone will call up to 5 numbers until one picks up, and it will play a pre-recorded emergency message, it will then allow you to press a key to acknowledge the message and will put the base in speakerphone so you can talk to them (if they are near the phone)

Hope this helps

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If you have an old iPhone you can look at . You can integrate it with Smartthings via IFTTT.

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