Assistants stopped working

I recently mad some code changes in my device handlers and noticed today I cannot control the devices from alexa or google assistant. I am able to control and view all status from the smarthings app. I tried switching back to the generic device handlers but did not see any difference. The impacted devices are all zwave. I have 2 zigbee devices and they control without issue. Anyone see this behavior before?

Do these have child devices?

Yes. I actually migrated the code to use child devices recently.

Then that’s probably it. The voice assistant integrations were recently updated and introduced two glitches. :disappointed_relieved: The first is that you may get duplicate items. The second is that child devices are not working correctly. It is affecting both Google and echo.

That probably explains why my child motion sensors kept alerting in alexa as new devices. I notice in alexa the state is not being updated. I have child devices created with isComponent both true and false. Does that make any difference?

Sorry, I don’t know. Ask in the other thread, that’s where people are dealing with it.