Ask alexa - can't find device alias option

Hi expert,
I’ve enabled the device alias and according to the wiki, I now should have a device alias option but unable to find anywhere yet. Running version 2.3.7

I am the author of Ask Alexa and can help you. First, you should probably use the main thread for the application (either here [RELEASE] Ask Alexa or here: [RELEASE] Ask Alexa 2.3.7 ) as I almost didn’t see this thread. And, feel free to tag me in future requests so I am alerted to your message (@michaels).

The aliases are somewhat hidden to reduce the complexity of the main menu and most people don’t use this feature.

First, go to Setting, and toward the bottom enable “Allow Device Aliases”. Then, you choose the device categories that you want aliases with. Finally, there will be a new main menu item that allows you to set up the alias names for each of the devices you have selected.

Admittedly, the instructions are not as clear as they could be, so I will see if I can improve those. However, most of this is listed here:

Ok, I’ve ended up not needing the alias. Thanks.

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