Ask Alexa - Want Alexa to refer to device by different name

Does the alias setting change what Alexa calls a device? I have a multi sensor named “bedroom door sensor”, but when requesting the temperature from Alexa I would like her to just call it “Bedroom” instead. How can I do that? And do I actually have to rename the sensor?

I created an alias for the sensor but Alexa keeps calling it by the device name instead of the alias.

I went back into the Amazon developer website and update the slots to include the aliases and still when asking Alexa for the temperature she refers it by the device name. Help!

OK so it was my wording when I was talking to Alexa that was causing the issue. Before I asked Alexa to tell me the temperature and she responded with the device name, but if I ask her the temperature of the bedroom she calls it by the alias.

Now this is a multi sensor and I setup an alias for the door too to tell me if it’s open or closed, but can’t figure out how to ask for that info.

“Alexa, Ask Smarttings for the status of [xyz}”

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@MichaelS is the developer.

The alias is just like the device…so as Andrea mentioned, it is as simple as “Alexa, Ask SmartThings for {alias name} status” or “Alexa, Ask SmartThings for status of {alias name}”.

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Thanks to all who helped me out - got it all set. @MichaelS you’re the man for putting this together - great job!

No problem…glad you were able to get it to work. More revisions and features coming soon :slight_smile:

Another question - what phrase should be used to get the battery level status?

There is a section in the App that you can set up specifically for battery levels to be reported back to you. You can customize the threshold to report on… example, only report batteries below 30%.
Under Voice report - if you scroll down a bit you will see "battery"
I have a voice macros named “battery summary” so when I want to check that specific attribute of devices I can do that.

You can also use other Smart apps and tie in (allow) reporting to the message queue in the AA app - but I think keeping it within the AA App is a fine choice.

Also in Wiki - set up voice macro (about 1/4 to 1/3 way down in wiki)

Did you get your question answered? @femwitjava was pretty accurate in the posts above.

Ehh kind of, but I still do not like the way I have it setup. It’s nothing major and just has to sow with how I would like it to sound when she reports back - basically I would like her to say the Bedroom or Bedroom is such a temperature sent of the bedroom doors and club basically I would like her to say the bedroom is X temperature Instead of the bedroom door sensor is X temperature and it seems like I would have to rename the device to get it like that.

If you are using the reports function you can filter out words you don’t want…let me know how you are requesting the info and I can give you hints on customizing it to get what you want.