Article: How to Choose Kitchen Island Lighting

One very common use for smart bulbs is to create zones in a room where you previously had everything controlled from one switch. you do this by using, in addition to smart bulbs, either smart switches with multi tap options (single tap, double tap, etc.) or battery operated scene controller devices. That way you can change the lighting for just some of the bulbs at a time.

This is particularly popular for kitchens where you might have over sink lighting, counter lighting, safety lighting at the floor level, ceiling lighting, and kitchen island or “breakfast nook” lighting.

The following just happens to be a particularly good article on selecting the hanging pendants for kitchen island or breakfast nook lighting. Very detailed and explains what the options are and why they make a difference. It’s not addressing anything home automation: it’s just talking about the light fixtures themselves. But I thought people might find it helpful who are starting to get into zone planning. It would also apply if you were doing smart switches with dumb bulbs if you already have the zone isolated.

(I have no connection with this particular retailer other than having previously purchased some items from them, which is why the blog article popped up in my feed.)