Arrival Sensor Issues

Odd thing happened today. At 6:55pm all my arrival sensors (4) toggled from present, to not present, to present, at exactly the same time. I’ve seen my share of arrival sensor weirdness over the years, but this one seems new. Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

Were these the zigbee keyfob arrival sensors? Or smart phones?

If it was zigbee devices, there was probably a burst of strong Wi-Fi interference in the area. It can happen. If it happens again, you’ll have to try to track down the source of the interference.

If these were smart phones, it was probably a glitch in the smartthings cloud. That one is less likely to repeat, but harder to track down.

In either case, I would report it to support in case there’s something they can see from their side.

Hi JDRoberts, these are all various generations of ST zigbee keyfobs. Thanks for your note. I’ll be looking out for this and adjacent WiFi events. Ticket submitted. Might setup a rule to help monitor.

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I’ve had this happen often enough, about 6 times in the past year or so, to say “all the time”. I would call it extreme latency/ghost events. I don’t usually notice the lack of arrival at the moment since they don’t trigger anything vital. Then they arrive hours later when the house is quiet anywhere from midnight to 4am, so they have unexpected effects on lights and occupied routines. Very easy to see in the log, and lights are left on unexpectedly when we wake, since there was no motion trigger to turn them off.

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Thanks Eric, X10, I was there too. Glad to hear my experience is not unique.

For those who have arrival sensor weirdness, do you have at least 1 Zigbee repeating device in every room of your home? Depending on what is causing the issue, a strong mesh can help your devices recover fast enough to not go offline/away.