Arrival Routine Delay

I currently have utilize several routines (3x Goodbye, 2x Hello) to lock or unlock a door based on departure or arrival triggered by cell phone presence. For the Goodbye routines, I use the “when everyone leaves” option and have a separate routine configured for each individual as well as a joint one. With that option, I see that I can set a delay for the routine. However, when setting up the Hello routines, I use the “when someone arrives” option but it does not give you an option to delay the routine. It only gives you an option for minimum time away.

The trouble that I am having is that I just installed open/close sensors on my doors and with that I have set the smartlock to autolock 1 minute after the door has closed. The problem is that when our presence is detected and the hello routine runs, unlocking the door, the 1 minute autolock expires before we can get in our driveway, park, and get to the door thus locking the door before we can reach it.

I understand that I could set the autolock delay to a longer interval but I would prefer not to for safety reasons. I think the sooner it locks, the better to avoid someone sneaking in after the door has been shut. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue because I have redundant locking commands…(1) I have autolock set based on door close, (2) My goodbye routines will lock the door our presence has departed. My concern is the scenario where I have already left the house and my goodbye routine has triggered then I have a friend stop buy to do something but forgets to lock the door on their way out.

I dunno, it’s all very complicated to me, lol. Just trying to wrap my head around all the different scenarios and come up with a single routine, or combination of routines, to satisfy them.

What you want to do can be done. To do it, you’ll need a thing called Webcore.

I have no delay on auto lock; it occurs each and every time the front door sensor closes, within a second of that sensor closing.

AND I have a webcore routine that says

Front door lock is any of unlocked, unknown, or unlocked with timeout
Front door contact sensor is closed

Wait 180 seconds

Front door contact sensor is closed
Front door lock
End with
End if

End if

That routine gives me three minutes after the door is unlocked by a presence sensor before it auto-locks again.


Interesting. Sounds like a viable solution. However, I am not familiar with “Webcore”. I’ll look into it but I might need some additional guidance. Can I private message you if I need help?