Smart Lock Automation Fails

I am using the classic app with an August pro lock. I have the goodbye routine setup to turn off lights and lock the doors based off phone presence. When I leave, I get a notification saying it shut off the lights and locked the doors, but it doesn’t actually lock the doors. It does turn off the lights though. I can manually (in the app) lock/unlock the doors. If I manually run the goodbye routine, it will both turn off the lights and lock the doors. When I get home it runs it runs “I’m back” and will unlock the door and turn on the lights without issue.

Any idea what the issue could be?

Post a screenshot of the rule.

Me personally, I use webCoRE for most things. You can trigger a webCoRE Piston via a Routine so…

To me, webCoRE is just more reliable than Scenes and Routines built into SmartThings.

There’s no way I would rely on presence leaving to secure my home. Especially if that presence device is a geofenced phone.

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I think I figured it out. It defaulted to a 10 minute delay. It doesn’t delay the lights for some reason, but I changed it to 1 minute and it locked the door after 1 minute.

It notifies me everytime, so I know if it works or not, or goes off unexpectedly. I don’t feel too unsafe with it.