Can I set a delay on Android Presence?

(Timothy Wallace) #1

I have Android Presence unlock my door (Schlage Century touchscreen) when I arrive, and that appears to be working. The problem is, it unlocks the door when I drive up, and by the time I park and walk up to the door, the timeout has already occurred, and the door has re-locked itself. I don’t want to turn the auto relock feature off. So, what I would like is to build in a delay, say 2 minutes from the time it presently says due to the presence of my android, it is unlocking the door. Is there any way to do this?

(Barry) #2

Why not?

You could then have ST lock the lock after a longer period of time or after you open & close the door. ST gives you a lot more flexibility than the hard-coded lock-after-4-minutes in the lock itself, without sacrificing the security you want.

Also, consider hooking the “unlock” to a Presence Sensor inside your car, instead of to your phone. Your car won’t be recognized until you are much closer to your destination (within Zigbee transmit range).