Aron Labs Moisture Sensor

Hey guys. I have an Aeon Labs moisture sensor hooked up. Should it look like this or is it paired incorrectly?

depending on the DH you are using. Does it show wet if you get it wet?

That is what mine looks like. The device works/reports fine. The battery level tile is new as far as I can tell. Not sure that its correct. Mine has been installed almost 2 years now and battery level is still 100%

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It did when I tested it initially. I was concerned that it never reports any activity and the battery has never changed

Does yours report states periodically or do you mean it reports when there is an event?

Mine reports nothing unless the current state changes. Mine went in “Dry” and hasnt reported a thing since. I do know, however, if I dunk it into the water it will report “Wet” :slightly_smiling: