Arlo Sends End-of-Life Notice for Gen 3, Pro Camera (April 1, 2023) Pro 2 & Q (Jan. 1, 2024)

Arlo Gen 3 and Pro cameras will cease to be supported on April 1, according to an email sent to owners on Sunday first spotted by 9to5Google. Other cameras including the Arlo Pro 2 and Q will stop being supported on Jan. 1, 2024.

Arlo’s Baby, Q, Q+, Pro 2, Lights and Doorbell devices – all which stopped being manufactured in 2018 and 2019 – will no longer receive support on Jan. 1, 2024.

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Well time to start shopping for new a new camera system.

Does this mean the smartthings integration will also end? :thinking:

Look at SmartDry… they shut down their cloud in Sept/Oct and the integration lives on in ST (though you get an error that the domain does not exist when you attempt to link the account)

I believe smartdry’s whole company went out of business. When that happens, there aren’t always resources available to shut down the integrations gracefully.

But in arlo’s case, it’s just certain models being discontinued.

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I saw this too and got very concerned because I didn’t receive any email notification for my Arlo Pro 2 cameras. Then as @JDRoberts pointed out, I realized that I don’t have the Pro2 VMC4xxx model. I have the Pro 2 VMB4xxx model so not all Arlo Pro 2 models are apparently included in this ‘end of life’ announcement (??? this year ???). I’m still trying to figure out if my Arlo Q+ camera model is included or not though.

I’ve enjoyed three years of the free 7 day service, but I’m guessing it will probably end in 2024 now. So, I’ll either pay Arlo $10 a month for unlimited 2k cameras which I already have integrated with my SmartThings Automations, or I’ll look at other camera ecosystems on other platforms like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, and use Edge virtual devices if I need backend SmartThings integration.

Hopefully we might see some wireless cameras compliant with Matter appear on the horizon at some point in the near future.

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There is an email today with the subject “Arlo EOL and Offer Details” that includes a (presumably one-time use) code for:

sorry… the link does not work for me but you can find it here:

Actually, I’m wrong. Apparently, the VMBxxxx is just the base station, and the VMCxxxx is the cameras. So all of my Arlo cameras will end in Jan 2024. I guess I should get the EOL notification and hopefully the offer deal at the end of this year I guess. Regardless, I have a year to decide.

Arlo just increased their prices from $10 to $13 a month. So, it looks like I’ll stick with them and pay for a reduced $100 annual subscription price for unlimited cameras. That’s the same annual price for Ring unlimited cameras. That is unless there’s a new solution available by the end of the year.

I am in the same boat as you. I’m looking at other options including a truly wired and non-cloud dependent POE system like Lorex or Reolink.

Until then, I have a year to decide. And although I would be willing to pay $13 a month temporarily? I don’t like the idea of having obsolete cameras that are not gonna receive security or firmware updates anymore. So it’s just a matter of time before they fail.

Very disappointing.:grimacing: I paid over $800 for a 5-camera Arlo Pro system 5 year ago. The cameras work just fine and batteries still hold charge well. But come April, I’m going to have 5 expensive paperweights. I’m pretty sure there’s no good technical reasons to discontinue support for these cameras. Just plain old corporate greed to force customers to pay for the upgrade and subscribe to their monthly service plan. Definitely not going to buy any Arlo products ever again.

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My situation is worse. Mine ends this April.
Just googled it and went into the Arlo website and seems the Arlo pro 2 cameras I have will be EOL this April.
What an absolute joke this is, and how companies get away with this.

I’m pretty sure if you have Arlo pro two on you are good until January 1, 2024

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Not according to the Arlo website.

I stand corrected. It is Jan 2024. Still sucks though.
I can understand firmware upgrades and parts stop being manufactured etc but to just stop free 7 day cloud service on a product that was advertised as free cloud service is a complete and utter joke.
Barely had them 3 yrs as well. It’s not like I’ve had them for 20 yrs.

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I lost faith in Arlo about a year ago when it became clear they had no real business plan for survival. And that they would never go to HomeKit Secure Video in spite of previous promises because it would impact their own subscription plan. (I was more concerned about the broken promises than the actual feature.)

Since then I’ve been experimenting with various different brands (we have a lot of cameras). Haven’t really found a favorite yet: each has pluses and minuses.

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Seems like Arlo clarified this since the below was posted from the Arlo CEO back in February which I just found. Now I can apparently continue to ride the Arlo Pro 2’s for a while longer. Yea!!!