Arlo Q with Smartthings

OK…I am new to Arlo/Smartthings. I have 3 Arlo Q cams. I have integrated them with Smartthings…no problem. Did not need to use the Arlo hub. The cameras work great (little slow booting up). I can not figure out how to record when motion is detected. I’m assuming this must be set up in ST. Is this possible? What am I missing or overlooking? Please help !!!

You should manage what triggers recordings in the arlo cloud.

Is it not possible to manage the recordings through Smartthings?

I have always been able to have most of my Smart devices trigger a recording on my Arlo cameras by creating custom rules, (Classic App). The exception will be the new Arlo Ultra which is not yet able to be integrated with Smartthings.


Can you please explain this. I am fairly certain you can not create custom rules to actually trigger a recording. You can trigger the cameras to be turned on, but not record. There are a few smart apps that can do this. I actually have one in my repo, but there aren’t many

Smartthings doesn’t really have an interface to manage recordings. I believe that one point they had a method to let you see the last recording done, but it’s use was limited to Smart Home Monitor. There is no way to avoid using the Arlo app for somethings.

Managing recordings for cameras isn’t a cheap option and that is why Arlo has a subscription service for it past 7 days and 5 cameras. It just wouldn’t be practical for Smartthings to take that on as well unless they charged for the service.

Firstly, I don’t own any Arlo Q cameras, but I believe they should work the same way as my Pro and Pro2 cameras. I leave my Arlo system in the Armed mode all the time. I use Routines to turn the cameras on/off.
In the Custom Apps you will be asked what type of device you want to use. Suppose you select a motion sensor. It will then ask you what modes you wish to use this sensor and a few other selections. When it asks you what type of notifications you want, there will be a section on that page that asks you to select cameras. Whatever cameras you select at this point will trigger a recording when the sensor is active and the selected mode is in use.
I use these to trigger recordings from my indoor cameras if, say, my smoke detector activates and I am away from home. Also I can use the temperature data from most sensors to trigger a recording if the temperature goes above or below the threshold I set. I trigger a recording from outdoor motion sensors mounted under the eaves of my house to extend the range of the camera motion sensors.
The key to trigger the recording is to select the appropriate cameras on the app page where you are asked about notifications.


Are you using the new ST app or the classic version? When I hit the (+) button on the main screen, the SHM is grayed out and doesn’t work. Supposedly this is where I’m suppose to go to set up video recordings. I guess I can just use the Arlo app to activate the cameras when motion sensors detect movement, though it would be nice to use ST for everything.
Thanks for your comments.

I am using the Classic app.


I don’t think there is a standard app for recording video with the Arlo cameras. I also looked at what you can do for a routine and starting a recording isn’t an option. This doesn’t mean that a custom smartapp can’t be written to do it though. I wrote one a while back that was based on some code given to me to help with triggering a recording with Arlo. An example of such an app is Arlo Triggered Recording

That smartapp will allow you to record video based on various smartthings triggers.