Arlo Pro2 on Amazon UK. X4 camera system only £375!

For those in the UK, Amazon UK is offering an Arlo Pro 2, 4 camera system for only £375!

That’s cheaper than 2nd hand kits off Ebay.)
Just bought one for myself. Will let you know how it goes.

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Hmm, call me old and cynical but I don’t like that Amazon listing:

  • Price sounds too good to be true (cheaper than 2 camera set?)
  • Seller is based in China
  • Seller has had just 2 reviews ever, one positive (suspected fake) and one negative, both 10 months ago

I advise caution.

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I’ve just received a message from the Seller asking me to do a Bank Transfer as apparently my credit card was refused / not processed.
Well, I thought how kind of them to let me know and immediately arranged for the bank transfer to them and at the same time, to a very nice chap in Nigeria who wants to give me many millions of £££s.
Or, maybe I’m getting confused and reported Tong Yue Shop to Amazon as asking for payment outside Amazon Marketplace.

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The story continues…
Today, I recieved a message asking me to cancel my order for a full refund. Apparently they, the Seller has made some errors with their product placement on Amazon.

I do not recommend attempting to buy from this Seller. Clearly it is a scam where I suspect their tell the Buyer to transfer the money directly to their account and no doubts, disappear without sending the purchase.

Apologies for wasting everyone’s time.

Obviously subsequent messages show this was a scam, however Netgear have just launched the Arlo Pro 3 so it is possible if not likely that Arlo Pro 2 prices will drop to reflect this.

Thanks for reporting back @DarrenO - useful to get the update.
Hopefully @jelockwood is correct about the Pro2 prices dropping - good cameras but very expensive compared to others.

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