Arlo 4 Camera bundle on sale $349 prime

This just went on sale and looks to be the lowest recorded. I grabbed my deal and hopefully its gonna work for my needs.Grab it while you can.

Arlo 4 Camera Pack

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Best Buy is having the same sale for Black Friday! I was planning on getting there, now I may have to spend the money earlier!

I am pretty sure these are the original Arlo cameras not the newer Arlo Pro cameras that can use rechargeable batteries. Thus the low price.

Yes - they are the earlier version. I have recently purchased the Arlo Pro which does have the rechargeable batteries, and 2 way audio. * NOTE - there is a firmware upgrade “pending” and was told it is VERY soon by customer support at Arlo yesterday. There is a noted issue with the audio output on the camera (incoming audio is fine). When using the App on a PC audio is clear both ways, it is to do with the mobile app.

Not sure if BestBuy is price matching Amazon or Vice Versa

You people spend my money more than my wife!!!

I just took the plunge and hoping that it will complete my home automation needs…I need a 12 step program, I really do. :grin:

question about this ones, can I use the montion sensor to activate other devices/light/bulbs?