Arlo Pro triggering external siren

I currently have an Arlo Pro, but I’m not impressed with the siren as it’s not loud enough to be heard outside or by neighbors. What I would like to do, is if I trigger the base station siren, I would like it to also trigger an external siren at the same time. I looked into IFTTT, but don’t think that’s an option because the triggering of the base station alarm is not one of the triggers available within the app.

So then I started looking into SmartThings and I found a thread recently that lead me to believe this event can be used as a routine in ST. I don’t currently have a ST hub, but I have a general understanding of how it works. My thought is to get an external siren and plug it into a Wemo switch, then create a routine that upon triggering the base station alarm, would then turn the Wemo switch on, and have another routine for turning it off. Before purchasing a hub, could someone please confirm whether or not this would work? Or please let me know if there’s a better way to do this?

I don’t use a siren but I can confirm that with the Arlo Pro camera you can use the motion detectors in ST. I only have mine notify me of motion if I am away, but you could just as easily have it set off a siren I am sure.

Thanks, but I don’t actually want to use the motion as the triggering event. We have cats, deliveries, etc that trigger from the motion on a regular basis and I would not want to blast a siren every time this happens. I only want the siren to trigger if I trigger the base station alarm to go off.

The Arlo Base is available in ST and you can set it as a siren for an alarm event. If you want to have the Arlo base trigger another siren by activating it in the Arlo app .I don’t know. Setting up the Arlo base and another siren to go off in ST can be done with simple routine.

Makes sense. So worse case scenario, I may possibly have to switch between both the Arlo app and ST to do this? For example, I get a notification from Arlo that it detects motion, open the Arlo app in order to view live, see someone creeping around my house that shouldn’t be, then I’d just need to switch over to ST to initiate the event that would trigger both the Arlo base alarm and the siren?

You can do this quickly and easily with CoRE/WebCoRE. Just create a piston that turns on what ever you want when the Arlo Siren goes off. I just checked it out and it should work no problem. Good luck!

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Bingo. I use webCoRE to trigger a siren when motion is detected while away (and send me a text) then cancel it when disarmed.

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For a novice in alarm system, can you please tell me which external siren did you use?

Also can we also get the snippet of the piston you created?