ST Multipurpose Sensor & Arlo Siren (long delay after trigger)

(Jennifer Smith) #1

I am new to the world of smart home devices.

I have the Arlo Pro camera system and the SmartThings v3 hub. I also use Amazon Alexa devices. I have the system set up so that the ST Multipurpose Sensors are on my exterior doors. I’ve linked them up so that if a door is opened my Alexa tells me “front door opened” and a lamp in my bedroom is turned on. Then at night I “arm/stay” through the SmartThings app and this links the Multipurpose sensors to the Arlo siren.

Alexa alerting me to a door being opened and lamp turning on is virtually instantaneous. But the siren part from Arlo has a very long delay (like 1 minute or more). Is the a reason for this long delay? Am I better off using another siren device?

(Mavrrick) #2

Just to help with context are you using Smar Home Monitor or something else to be in arm/stay

The Arlo used cloud to cloud integration so some delay could be expected. Av minute seems like a bit much though.

(Todd Wackford) #3

When you turn on the siren from the ST device detail screen for the siren, how long does it take to sound? Also, when you activate the siren from the Arlo Native App, how long does it take to sound?

(Jennifer Smith) #4

Yes I am using the Smart Home Monitor feature on the SmartThings app.

(Jennifer Smith) #5

When I active the siren from the ST device detail screen it sounds the alarm instantly. I’ve search the Arlo app and can’t seem to find a place to test the siren.

(Mavrrick) #6

Open the app to where you see your cameras and then swipe down. there should be a option to turn on the siren manually from their.

Are you using the Smartthings app (formally called Connect) or are you using the Smartthings Classic App. They each have their own version of SHM. The new version has a delay option. Did you set that up.