Arlo Pro integration and battery drain: Anybody solve this yet?

I know a lot of people have had similar issues as me … batteries draining much more rapidly when integrated with SmartThings … but has anyone found a solution? I had lost about 3% per day while integrated, but 3 days after removing my cameras from ST, I haven’t lost a single percentage .

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My issue is improper reporting of battery level in ST. For instance, Arlo reports 85% on one of my batteries and ST reports 41% on the same.

ST has so far never shown battery level higher than Arlo. Also, Arlo Android app and Web shows the same battery level so I suspect the issue is in the Arlo to ST interface

Could this be what you are seeing?

Good luck

I had that issue as well. I think I turned the camera off and then back on using the ST app, and then poked around in the settings for each camera in ST , without changing anything, and then backed out of the app. It started reporting correctly after that; I can’t say why. But the issue I’m having now isn’t that. Both ST and Arlo were reporting about a 3% loss per day; now that I’ve removed Arlo from ST, Arlo has reported 0 loss for a few days now. It’s night and day.

Thanks Deevly,

It worked for me as well. I also tried just saving the settings and that doesn’t work unless I turned the camera off and back on before the save

Now let’s see if they stay in sync

Thanks again

I’m glad it worked for you.

So just don’t have ST and Arlo paired basically? That’s counter intuitive.