Arlo Pro integration and battery drain: Anybody solve this yet?


I know a lot of people have had similar issues as me … batteries draining much more rapidly when integrated with SmartThings … but has anyone found a solution? I had lost about 3% per day while integrated, but 3 days after removing my cameras from ST, I haven’t lost a single percentage .

(Rick S) #2

My issue is improper reporting of battery level in ST. For instance, Arlo reports 85% on one of my batteries and ST reports 41% on the same.

ST has so far never shown battery level higher than Arlo. Also, Arlo Android app and Web shows the same battery level so I suspect the issue is in the Arlo to ST interface

Could this be what you are seeing?

Good luck


I had that issue as well. I think I turned the camera off and then back on using the ST app, and then poked around in the settings for each camera in ST , without changing anything, and then backed out of the app. It started reporting correctly after that; I can’t say why. But the issue I’m having now isn’t that. Both ST and Arlo were reporting about a 3% loss per day; now that I’ve removed Arlo from ST, Arlo has reported 0 loss for a few days now. It’s night and day.

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Thanks Deevly,

It worked for me as well. I also tried just saving the settings and that doesn’t work unless I turned the camera off and back on before the save

Now let’s see if they stay in sync

Thanks again


I’m glad it worked for you.

(Slimshizn) #6

So just don’t have ST and Arlo paired basically? That’s counter intuitive.